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About gorjana

gorjana Gorjana & Griffin Inc. began in 2004 with the gorjana brand from the business and design ambition of husband and wife, Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel. The women's contemporary brand and accessories designer, Gorjana Reidel's bi-coastal residencies have continued to be a dominant influence on the collection, fusing the West Coast boho inspiration with the sophistication that resonates with East Coast trends.

The griffin brand, launched in 2012, mirrors the sophistication and influences of the gorjana brand, geared toward the male consumer. Jason Griffin Reidel, founded the brand concept in an effort to bring refinement and contemporary influence to the men's accessory market.

All of Gorjana & Griffin production operations are performed in-house at their 6,000 square-foot Laguna Beach studio, enabling their team to be innovative, resourceful, and connected in an effort to ever expand the brands. Doing so allows the teams to function differently than most in the industry, as they strive to be ahead of the curve in the terms of technology, business ideas, and making our products accessible to customers.

Gorjana & Griffin values working hard and maintaining good relationships, and believes that both are essential parts of an enjoyable business atmosphere. They believe that pride in their brand, as well as kindness and consideration to others, make the company run most effectively and provide them with the stamina to continue running a business based on integrity. Fashionable designs and meaningful content will serve as the catalyst to unite a global community of men and women looking to make a difference.