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About Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim There was a song by a slacker-centric, critically favored band from the '90s that advised a lady to not cut her hair. While the song wasn't about her specifically, had Eugenia Kim followed that advice, the fashion world at large might not be privy to her masterful style and innovation.

One day, Ms. Kim was the recipient of a very bad haircut by her own hand. To disguise the sheared atrocity, she wore a red guinea-feathered cloche which she had designed and created in millinery class while attending the Parsons School of Design. Immediately spotted by Soho-area boutiques as she walked around in her gorgeous cloche, she was asked if she had any other creations. Soon after, the millinery landscape was forever changed with Eugenia Kim and her inventive style, creating quite a buzz throughout the industry with her first retail store opening in downtown New York's East Village in 1997.

Worldwide, there are over 200 specialty boutiques carrying her fine hats and accessories. Her items are not only staples on the runway, but are coveted and in high demand among stylish men and women. From the bona fide heat of one of her classic fedoras to the sex bomb appeal of her iconic sun hats, Eugenia Kim definitely has something waiting for you that will become the apple of your eye.