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About Disney

Disney With an iconic mouse and nostalgic name, Disney has been delivering happiness for more than nine decades. The Walt Disney Company started in the 1920’ s occupying a small studio. It has since grown and become a welcomed household name. Disney's beloved characters not only provide entertainment, but also promote happiness and joy!
Today’s time and creativity allow for the enchantment of this corporation to touch everyday life. The memorable Disney® characters can be found adorning jewelry, watches, and many pieces of fashion wear. What does this mean? You can take those little mementos and memories with you! Disney characters are found decorating the daily life of children and adults alike.
Catching a glimpse of one of Disney’s charming characte rs comes with the best gift of all, nostalgia. Even if only for a little while, these magical Disney Characters whisk us away. A valuable piece of American history decorating our media is something to embrace. Disney and its memorable creations are recognized worldwide. Quality entertainment and magical journeys come freely with Disney. Enjoy!