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About Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Comptoir Sud Pacifique was founded in 1976, a fragrance brand that is inspired by the passion, vibrant colors, and spirit of the South Pacific islands from which it based its name. Seduced by the exotic lure of these far-away worlds, the creators of Comptoir Sud Pacifique developed this line of scents that offers a beautiful glimpse to island life.

The South Seas and all its abundant beauty inspired the vanilla-infused fragrances that started Comptoir Sud Pacifique. Their vacation-inspired perfumes tempt the senses with the essences of tropical beauty and days spent relaxing in the pure bliss of paradise.

Instantly recognizable by their trademark Pacific blue color and the island logo which graces every label, Comptoir Sud Pacifique has expanded its fragrance collection throughout the decades, but one thing has remained constant; the promise of transporting you into a carefree island state of mind, filled with the sweet, seducing scents of the sea breeze, exotic flowers, and rich, tropical vanillas. Take time for yourself, and set sail to a wonderful South Pacific vacation any time of the day with Comptoir Sud Pacifique.