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About Clean

Clean CLEAN Perfume was ahead of its time when it introduced its first fragrance in 2003, as it dreamed of a different kind of perfume with a scent that was fresh and pure–inspired by a simple bar of soap. And over a decade later, CLEAN’s innovative scents evoke a sense of the simplest pleasures in life.

CLEAN fragrances are unique and distinctively fresh, inspired by fine soaps of the most premium quality. Each captivating scent evokes a different facet of the CLEAN experience-- warm towels being pulled from the dryer, a steam filled bathroom after a relaxing shower, rain softly blowing against a windowpane. Each CLEAN fragrance boasts a sense of nostalgia and a universally appealing sensibility. No matter what you choose, each CLEAN fragrance experience stays true to its core. A scent for the simple side of a complicated life.

All CLEAN Bath & Body products contain a blend of cotton extracts, seeds and oils called Cotton Vantage™. Cotton Vantage™ is a smart technology that self-adjusts to help hydrate or absorb excess oils depending on which formula it is in. In the CLEAN Dry Hair Shampoo and Moisture Absorbent Body Veil, Cotton Vantage™ absorbs moisture and excess oil. The CLEAN Soft Body Lotions and Bath & Shower Gels formulas hydrate and soothe skin.

CLEAN products envelop your whole being with a "clean" outlook…scents that are unpretentious, simple and refreshing. Simplify your daily routine with CLEAN fragrances and body products.