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Cargo Blush

SKU: #8124015

Product Information

  • Cargo™ offers their easy-to-wear blushes in a stunning array of shades, meaning that no matter what the occasion is, you'll find the perfect hue to make your complexion glow with a beautiful, natural flush!
  • The moist, sheer powder formulation glides easily over the skin.
  • The silky smooth texture layers well for added intensity if desired.
  • The long-wearing shades also stay true to their color, so you'll never start off one color and end the day faded away.
  • Generously packaged in Cargo's signature tin.
  • Shades and color descriptions (please note, some might be out of stock):
    Amalfi is a shimmering hot pink.
    Big Easy is a sheer pink with gold and red grapefruit undertones.
    Cannes is a soft peach.
    Catalina is a cotton candy pink.
    Key Largo is a tropical punch.
    Laguna is a tropical melon.
    Louisiana is a sheer pink infused with a light bronze.
    Mendocino is a wildflower pink with a gold sheen.
    Prague is a soft matte mauve.
    Rome is a soft tangerine.
    Tonga is a pink terracotta.
    Topeka is a light bronze rose.
  • Measurements:
    • Capacity: 0.314 oz