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Butter London Wink Colour Mascara

SKU: #8289704

Product Information

  • Bat your eyelashes with a dramatic touch from this Wink Colour Mascara from Butter London™.
  • Add on the drama with this root to tip application.
  • Highly-pigmented mascara results in long-lasting wear.
  • Butter London does not add phthalates and parabens to its formulas, it's colour without compromise!
  • Shades and color descriptions (please note, some might be out of stock):
    Brown Sugar is a chocolate brown crème.
    British Racing Green is a hunter-green shimmer color.
    Chav is a yellow crème.
    Cheerio is a turquoise-blue crème.
    Cor Blimey is a brilliant aubergine shimmer color.
    Union Jack Black is a jet black crème.

  • Measurements:
    • Capacity: 0.32 oz