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About Marc Ecko

Marc Ecko Marc Ecko is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Ecko grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey. He started selling T-shirts in the mid 1980s, and founded his clothing brand, Ecko, in 1993.

Evolving from just six t-shirts and a can of spray paint in 1993, Ecko Unltd. has become a full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company under the leadership of designer and founder Marc Ecko. Marc Ecko Enterprises has grown to include various clothing, footwear and accessories lines. Here you’ll find the latest in Ecko Unltd. shoes, Ecko Red and Rhino Red shoes, the contemporary Marc Ecko “Cut & Sew” men’s and kid’s clothing, “Cut & Sew” men’s shoes collections, and Marc Ecko watches.

In the youth culture marketplace, style and credibility reign supreme. From Cut and Sew, to Ecko Red and Rhino Unltd., all of Marc Ecko’s lines represent this culture in their own unique way through their look, feel, attitude and energy.

With strong roots in hip-hop and youth culture, Ecko Unltd. has become the touchstone of a generation without boundaries. Successfully fusing designer, street, video game, and action sports, the shoe, clothing and accessories brand remains in a class of its own with an uninhibited pulse on emerging trends and talent.

The iconic Marc Ecko rhino charges through the Ecko Unltd. shoes and kids clothing line in new, innovative ways each season. Ecko Unltd. shoes cover athletic-inspired sneakers, to casual shoes and boots so you can sport Ecko Unltd. kicks from day to night. Marc Ecko watches are a great extension to this fresh fashion lifestyle brand.

Ecko Unltd. kids clothing translates the same edge in Ecko Unltd. is known for. Evoking a look and feel of attitude and energy, Ecko Unltd. kids strives to provide the highest quality and incomparable design. Find the latest in Ecko Unltd. shoes and kids clothing here!

Ecko Red sets out to deconstruct the concept of the American Dream. Born from a dream and nurtured into the spirit of creativity and rebellion, Rhino Red celebrates the American Dream while critiquing the conventional methods of attaining them. Ecko Red is a testament to the times in which we live where hip-hop meets rock and fashion meets the street. Popular pop idols like JoJo, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale have endorsed Ecko Red and helped make Ecko Red a leader in women shoes and girls clothing and shoes.

Ecko Red shoes, full of fun and flirty silhouettes, are made with durable, quality materials. Boots, sandals, and sneakers proudly emblazoned with the world-famous Rhino icon with the Ecko Red feminine edge provide outstanding comfort.

Whimsical and sweet, the Ecko Red kid’s clothing and shoe lines are full of playful clothes and shoes that are perfect for a day of fun at the park or picture-ready on class photo day. Jackets, jeans, tops and even dresses, Ecko Red has it all here!

From the mind of Marc Ecko, the designer label has expanded to include a contemporary menswear line, Marc Ecko “Cut & Sew.” Launched in 2004, the “Cut & Sew” line consists of casual and dress separates ranging from semi-tailored separates, premium denim, tees, woven shirts, vests, blazers, track jackets, hoodies and more blending the street-inspired edginess of Ecko Unltd. with more sophisticated designs, edgy graphics and embellishments, and fabrics. “Cut & Sew” is a signature collection created for today’s fashion-forward young man by turning the contemporary market on its head with a heavy dose of irreverence and swagger.

Completing your all around Ecko look are Marc Ecko watches. Marc Ecko’s watches have a distinct look about them that really makes each unique piece stand out of a crowd. Fashion-forward and sophisticated at the same time, Marc Ecko watches serve two purposes: to tell time and to make a definitive fashion statement that speaks of your fashion and music-oriented lifestyle.

Believing in the power of diversification, Ecko Unltd. has distinguished itself worldwide through its ability to attract a loyal and multi-faceted client base. In the many years that have passed since its inception, the world famous rhino brand has expanded to include Ecko Unltd. men's and Ecko Red women's apparel, as well as outerwear, footwear, watches, eyewear, underwear, belts, bags, hats, small leather goods, formalwear and more. Charge up your wardrobe with the latest Marc Ecko styles you’ll find right here at Zappos!