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About Betseyville

Betseyville All about Betseyville Shoes and Betseyville Handbags

Betsey Johnson officially stormed onto the fashion scene in the 1960’s. She spent more than a decade designing for other labels before deciding to branch out on her own and create the world renowned Betsey Johnson label. Following years of successful high-end handbag, footwear and clothing lines she decided to diversify, and create Betseyville handbags and Betseyville footwear, which still showcased her signature style however at a lower price point.

In 2003, while on vacation in Mexico, Betsey Johnson bought a magical little hotel. It turned into a dream vacation home used for visits and a source of inspiration; she named it “Betseyville.” A year later the impact of the culture and surroundings influenced her decision to create a new handbag line and subsequently named it after her new found sanctuary, Betseyville. At that time Betseyville handbags was created with the same whimsical idea as the original Betsey Johnson handbag line. Due to the great success seen by the handbag line, Betseyville footwear collection was recently introduced.

Besteyville handbag and Betseyville footwear collections are both founded on the principals that Betsey Johnson herself created; to “brighten up and bring the wearer to life… drawing attention to her beauty and specialness…her moods and movements… her dreams and fantasies.”