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About Arnold Zimberg

Arnold Zimberg Arnold Zimberg is a unique and contemporary line of wonderful woven shirts for the unique man. Arnold Zimberg believes that a dress shirt line should be enticingly exciting, not boring. After six in the evening, a gentleman should be able to remove his tie and open his shirt at the neck and still look magnificent. Flip up the cuff of the sleeves and suddenly he has an exciting shirt. Arnold Zimberg creates dress shirts that can be worn during the day and at night, regardless where the man is. Another caveat is that Arnold Zimberg shirts are also extremely denim friendly.

The excitement in Arnold Zimberg shirts are surrounded by the sumptuous styles, unique fabrics, wonderful washes and handsome details that make each shirt unique. The daring details include: satin piping around the inside of the collar and down the front of the shirt, mix media under the collars and on the inside of the yoke and under the cuffs of the sleeves. These characteristics separate the Arnold Zimberg shirt from other shirts.

Once a customer wears the wonderful style of an Arnold Zimberg shirt, he will wear nothing else. Arnold Zimberg´s best recommendation is the many clients they sell to. Arnold Zimberg men´s shirts are sold in many exclusive stores and are regarded as the best washed shirts in the industry. In fact, Arnold Zimberg actually designed and produced washed shirts for one of the largest premium denim companies in the world. Twelve tempting new styles are shown every month. The Arnold Zimberg shirt captures an amazing allure through their marvelous details and craftsmanship created to make a man memorable.