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About Alpinestars

Alpinestars Established in 1963, Alpinestars® is the world-leading manufacturer of high-performance motorsports apparel and safety gear. Alpinestars' goal has always been to give racers the competitive edge by continuously innovating and developing new technologies and materials to improve performance because, in the fast and competitive arena of motorsport, even the smallest improvement can translate into significant gain.

The leading athletes in every conceivable motorsport discipline provide direct feedback to aid the development of Alpinestars' technical products, from Formula 1® to NASCAR®, U.S. Supercross® and Motocross® to MotoGP®. With this input and expertise, combined with highly specialist research and development departments and laboratory testing facilities in the US and Europe, Alpinestars ensure that they are constantly pushing the limits of technology with each new product they launch.

With its uniquely broad and deep connection with the world most visible athletes in the young, global and extreme sports of racing, Alpinestars now has a vision of weaving the passion and commitment it shares with its racers into a complete line of casual clothing which appeals to an international audience of progressive and discerning fans.

Wherever there's a devotion to racing, Alpinestars is there.