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About Almost

Almost Almost Skateboards has strong roots. Founded in 2003 by Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song, Chris Haslam, and Cooper Wilt, Almost has left a lasting mark upon the industry with their tech-laden boards and their team of trendsetting riders.

Almost Skateboards is all about innovation. Progressive and experimental techniques are applied to Almost decks, Almost trucks, and Almost wheels, creating an end product that’s stronger, lighter, and more durable. Whereas most decks use simple adhesives and plywood in their construction, Almost uses epoxy glue and resin, two materials that help create a lighter, stronger, and stiffer board that still retains its springy pop. Almost has also pioneered Über Light™ technology, which features an internal carbon fiber foam deck that’s ultra light and nearly as stiff as metal. This bold tech creates a lighter board that also has supernatural pop, ultimately creating a deck that lasts far long than any normal deck. They’ve even experimented with composite carbon fiber in their Impact Support™ decks. These decks features reinforced disc within the bottom layer, which helps create force dampening and impact resistance, making those sketchy landings seem a bit less sketchy.

Don’t judge them by their middle-of-the-road name. Progressive, bold, and always true to the sport, Almost Skateboards has helped pushed the boundaries of street skating since 2003, just like the riders themselves. With fresh tech and an even fresher team, Almost Skateboard is here to stay, ready and willing to supply their vast line of skateboards to the always-hungry populous.