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About 55DSL

55DSL 55DSL™ was created in 1994 and is the original Italian streetwear brand uniting subcultures around the world through a shared passion for creativity and fashion. 55DSL has a lively and provocative identity and a fresh young attitude.

Under the creative direction of Andrea Rosso, 55DSL creates collections for youth who feel equally at home in an urban dwelling as a rural scenario. 55DSL tirelessly seeks out new collaborations every day with artists and companies of all genres all around the world, thus making 55DSL as much about the mind as the body.

From hoodies to jeans, pants to jackets, 55DSL identifies with their customer and offers fashion-forward garments with epic fits and silhouettes. Sporting a 55DSL tee or button up means embracing a lifestyle and all participants are more than welcome to join in.